Portable Chemical Toilets in Ahmedabad

All Portable loos are made in Italy

Portable Chemical Toilets

  • Super tough Built but Ultra Portbale

  • Helper will come along.

  • Paper towels, Soap dispenser, Dustbin, Matting are inbuilt

  • Scented walls

  • Inbuilt drainage

  • Inbuilt water supply

  • Most widely used in VIP Functions

  • Most of the Government events needs portable toilets

  • Can be used in Marathons and weddings as well

TTS Group offers a range of portable chemical toilet in Ahmedabad. our mobile toilet rental services for events and occasions are handy in regions where permanent toilets are not available.

We offer super tough built but ultra portable chemical toilet in Ahmedabad that usually is clean and hygienic. standard rest room, portable bio-toilet, and washroom on wheels are among our portable toilet options. you can rent any of them based on your budget and the nature of your event.


Benefits of Portable Chemical Toilets

Portable chemical toilets offer several benefits compared to traditional sanitation facilities. First and foremost, they provide convenience and accessibility, allowing people to satisfy their basic sanitary needs in a clean and private environment. They are highly portable, making them ideal for temporary events, construction sites, and remote areas. Additionally, they are cost-effective, eliminating the need for extensive plumbing installations or costly infrastructure developments. Portable chemical toilets also contribute to improved hygiene and public health by preventing the spread of diseases through proper waste containment and disposal.


Applications of Portable Chemical Toilets


1. Construction sites

2. Outdoor events and festivals

3. Remote locations and camping sites

4. Emergency situations and disaster relief efforts



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